The Compassionate Accountant

I am very proud of myself for only forgetting one crucial document for today's meeting with our tax accountant. But that is not the point of this entry.

Our accountant says that, as long as we have a developmental delay diagnosis for Leelo (and it doesn't have to be the specific autism diagnosis, he was fine with the Regional Center's initial report of "Social and Developmental Delays"), he will happily fight to deduct any non-insured expenses that we incur. This includes ABA therapists, speech therapists, OT therapists, evaluations, DAN medical meetings and supplements, and would even cover our own related therapy were we to need get it.

I think we have to hit an expense threshold before we can start claiming, but I suspect that this will be noooo problem--we covered all of Leelo's expenses from April 2003 until Seymour's parents kindly lent us their golden chariot in September 2003 with respect to the ABA tab.

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