I Hope You All Rot

I have had it with fuckerwad conservatives who accuse me of being a conspiracist just because I happen to know that there are fucked up things going on with the government, and am not afraid to talk about them. People, THIS is what a conspiracist looks like. I am not one.

I have had it with people who call me a tree-hugger and laugh at my passion for protecting the environment, who sneer and accuse me of valuing plants and animals more than people. I value it all, because it's all interconnected. And not in a dewy-eyed, frolicking with fawns kind of way, but in a scientific way. There aren't too many more links we can eliminate before the entire ecosystem collapses and drags us down with it.

I am practical. And I care. Neither of those things are crimes, unless you are a conservative with your head so far up your ass that you can chew on your own appendix. If this is you, then you can fuck off, and I hope all your descendants contract diseases directly related to environmental damage.

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