Suddenly I feel very barfy, and am hoping it's not that end-of-season flu that is cutting down so many of my friends (and currently my spouse).

Badger and I are going to drag the wee ones up to the magical giant redwood Heritage Grove near La Honda. Perfect spot to try to find fairies.

I proposed this cool, mellow (1/4 mile level hike with three bridges and a creek) activity because Leelo is also feeling low, for a different reason. He had no fewer than six vials of blood extracted this afternoon--more than I would think was safe for a 37 lb. boy.

Reason? Tests tests and more tests, some by request of the Stanfford Autism folks (genetic scan for Fragile X, etc.), some due diligence (celiac disease), some to make sure that this funky limited diet and supplement megadosing isn't fucking his little body up or causing malnourishment (anemia, electrolyte balance, etc.).

Shannon will probably be happy to hear that all the tests were covered by insurance, thanks to the extremely persistent woman who is our pediatrician's office manager. I am glad she's on our side.

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