Memo to Self

It is a bad idea to assume that you know where a certain Mission District restaurant is located, park near that theoretical location, and then spend 20 minutes dragging two small strollerless children all over the area in search of said eatery. Better to verify the location beforehand. That way you won't have to put up with 20 minutes of "I want that pink scooter no I want that Dora doll no I want that magenta bicycle" as you pass overstuffed, spilling-out-onto-the-sidewalk shop after shop.

It was worth it, though, to celebrate Djinn's birthday. I was feeling good about my new 'do (even though Iz told me that my hair looked prettier longer) until the birthday girl walked in with her new look and made us all feel completely drab. Damn her.

Iz had a good time, she has a good time anywhere since she can talk to anyone. She managed some expert wheedling, but her victims seemed to be okay with it.

Leelo had a decent time, I made him stay in his highchair and he didn't mind. I could tell that some of the other revelers (also parents) were wondering why he didn't talk or go play with the other squallers, but whatever. He had his Thomas trains and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom book, he was quite satisfied.

I knew no one except the guest of honor. Which was fine, everyone was affable. So I spent my time putting my foot in my mouth, as I usually do in these situations. I did a great job! I'm sure the mom of two tinies sitting across the table from me was wondering why Djinn would have such a rude, champagne-swilling friend. Ah, well. I will probably never meet her again. Sorry, Djinn.

This weekend somehow got booked solid with the social events. No breaks in between, except these twenty minutes I'm frittering away right now. Why do I do this? Especially when several of the events are in SF? Sigh. You can imagine how pleasant I am being to my partner. If you see him, pat him on the shoulder and tell him that it has to get better.

Time to change into ye olde hiking clothes. My cousins are coming over to hit the backyard hiking trails with us. I am not fucking cooking tonight.

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