We All Have Keyboards; We Can ALL Save The World

After a conversation with Jo, we've agreed that the burden of making the world safe for both the environment and democracy should not rest solely on her storytelling shoulders. We think an anthology would work, too.

If you're interested in writing a short story using the specs below (see I'm the Idea Guy entry), contact me and we'll be off and running. I know that many of you are writers, it says so on your About pages. I was a whoop-ass producer in my previous life and would have no problem riding your butt into the ground to make you hit deadlines. If you need me to.


Dined out and solo tonight, thanks to the world's greatest babysitter and my understanding partner. I was having the most excellent time eating my favorite meal, pondering book/illustration schemes, and laughing out loud at the silliness of Vile Bodies, when a large, chatty family was seated next to me.

Why is it that people who speak so that you can follow their entire conversation without trying always sound so profoundly idiotic? Next time I will just move. I bet Minnie would have moved.

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