Fatness, II

That Eating Disorders survey Badger just posted is foul, foul, foul!

Iz and I just had a long discussion over breakfast about "fatness." How if you use that word to describe someone to their face (e.g., Grandma), it can make them cry. How only your doctor can tell you if your weight is unhealthful, about metabolisms and how they change over time, about how fat is necessary for your brain to develop properly but too much of it can be unhealthy (but, again, your doctor is the person who will tell you this). Bleh.

I worry about this a lot, as Iz is her own person in many ways yet soooo susceptible to her friends' opinions. I wonder if this will be as much of an issue in a mostly Hispanic school (if she gets in)? I've never seen any studies about eating disorders in Latino communities. Anyone?

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