B-lieve It or Don't

Before I forget: I started Leelo on his five week trial of B12 shots yesterday. He gets one every other day or so for 5 weeks, then we call Dr. P to see if there's been any noticeable change.

These would be shots in the ass. I've found out that, if I do it right after his bath and while he's turned away from me, he hardly notices. I don't have the patience to rub the numbing cream and wait, blah blah blah. The needles are teeny tiny.

Dr. G's wife/office manager called me today to let me know that some people have been having problems getting into the MYND Institute's programs. No worries, I can always try another university.

She was so sweet--she really wanted to help. Gave me names of local people who might be able to help us with Leelo (Brina Seagull was one name--I told her about that person's lack of bedside manner and she said that she wouldn't give the name out any more then). Also asked me if I'd started Leelo on Cod Liver Oil as she's heard that it was really important. And iron supplements.

Again, she was being so kind that I didn't really have the heart to mention that we already gave her an inch-thick stack of Leelo's biomedical data which included all his crazy supplement recommendations (including those two), as well as a copy of the DAN! protocol.

Not to be in any way pompous, but I believe she and any future autistic patients could benefit greatly from my sitting her down and educating her for an hour or two. There is some bonafide role reversal going on in this specific case.

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