No No NO

Off to San Dieggy tomorrow A.M. We are driving.

Why? Besides any masochistic tendencies Seymour or I might harbor? Well, Seymour's auntie Izabel wants to meet Mali, and her house is midway between Deadwood and our destination. Plus that way we'll have tomorrow's dinner at Casa in Anasleim. Buckets of melty cheese for everyone! Plus dollar glasses of passable sangria!

Accoring to waythere.com, San Dieggy is expecting rain all weekend long, through Tuesday. Mali's welcoming ceremony is on Sunday. And the ceremony is outside. GODDAMMIT!!!

Maybe we should rent a tent? I can't think about it. This week has sucked too many balls already. Although at this moment I am enjoying my very first break since last Friday immensely.

Have a good weekend. Back Wednesday.

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