The Courage to Shop

I went to the grocery store with all three kids yesterday, for the first time. A real, full-shopping-cart trip, as opposed to the already-mastered quick dash into Mercado des Llaves with Mali in the stroller and me holding Leelo's hand while Iz tries to sneak cookies off the shelves. It was Mali's first Bjorn experience, and she reacted with enthusiastic slumber.

I remember similar shopping excursions with Leelo and Iz while Leelo was still Bjornable. How I had to spend hours drawing up the courage to do it. Mostly because I was then patronizing the Holey Foods in Paly Alty, which was designed so that its aisles approximate those of a rabbit warren. So much fun to negotiate and navigate with a kicking toddler in the basket, baby strapped to one's front, and humongous backpack erupting from one's shoulders. I took out five people and three grocery displays during each trip, on average.

Now the new Hole is here in town, and has nice wide aisles. The experience wasn't all that bad, except the part where I had to get Leelo into and out of the cart while Mali was strapped on. Oh, and when the little bastard kept kicking off his shoes. One of these days I'm going to lose it and staple those fuckers right onto his feet (just kidding! I'll use epoxy!).

The conclusion: I can do this. Getting easier each day. Still sucks, though. For now.

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