He'll Have Fries With That

Yesterday was not a really great day overall for Leelo. He is being really spazzy, and Seymour suspects it's because of the B12 shots. Plus his wee sister cried all day long for the second day running because his mom keeps forgetting that she's not supposed to ingest dairy or caffeine.

Still, Leelo had isolated moments of wonderfulness. Two food victories, and two excellent examples of how his receptive language outstrips his expressive.

The first food victory came in his having no problem revisiting the gluten free bread* that used to be one of his sole food sources back in the GFCF-everything-F days. He still loves it. I guess he doesn't consider it a substitute for regular bread but rather a different foodstuff altogether.

The second came in his finally finally trying french fries. I've been offering them to him once a week for months, and he always tosses them away, or swats at the proffering hand. Yesterday, though, he was about to dispose of the offending item when I told him in exasperation, "Leelo, it tastes like a potato chip, for ****sakes!"

I swear I could see the little light bulb go off over his head. Down the hatch went the french fry, and the rest of our drive was set to the chorus of "More french fry! More french fry!"

Yes I know french fries are crap, but you've no idea what a relief it is to know that, in a pinch, I can always hit a drive-through and get Leelo some food, or we will have at least one menu option for Leelo at some restaurants. The rest of the time he's still limited to the six or so foods he will eat, most of which need to be purchased at Hole Foods or another health food store, and all of which must be brought along whenever we go out to eat.

His understanding what I meant by "It tastes like a potato chip" is pretty significant too. As was his helping me out yesterday by picking up the cup I'd dropped on the ground. I asked him to please give me the cup, and he turned around and handed me the one I hadn't realized he was holding. So I said "Please give me the green cup, and he immediately went over and picked it up off the floor.

So four nice things for yesterday. Hurrah.

Did I mention that Babysitter A started on Wednesday? She's here today too. Mali wasn't very helpful on Wed. but she seems to be okay with doing a bit of "clown time" right now (where she lies on Iz's bed and looks at the scary clown mobile that I make move for her). So I am typing furiously and nonsensically as I haven't had any real free time in forever.

*I am considering revisiting the GFCF diet in a few weeks, after our B12 trials are done. I am wondering if it isn't worth it. Before I do that, though, I am going to very carefully go through my archives and check out Leelo's behaviors vs. his diet.

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