Mali Madness

Cute cute cute cute baby. Chats all the time now. Likes to grab things and stretch her arms over her head. Goofy smiles. Keeps testing her grip, finger by finger, even when she's asleep. Loves sucking on her hands and rubbing her eyes. If she's awake, she's moving all of her limbs at once, all the time. If we put her on her tummy, she can push her self up on her arms and raise her head for a few seconds, but then that heavy melon drops.

Still hasn't given me one of those smiles while nursing where the milk pours out of both sides of her mouth. Leelo used to do that a lot. She doesn't always want to look at us, but when she does, it's a geek-fest--especially if she's in her favorite place in the whole world, the changing table. These two things make me fret about proto-autism symptoms, even though I'm certain they're just typical 11-week-old behaviors.

She's got a temper. Quick to fuss. Might be because she's still got all that mucus in her nose, and it makes breathing difficult. Mostly it's because she despises being put in her car seat, although she's usually okay with it once we're on the road.

So a fun baby, but not as easy as we thought she was going to be. Oh well. I'll take the daytime fussing as long as she continues sleeping so well at night.


Iz interlude for the evening:

Iz: "But I'm so hungry! I want some chocolate cake!"

Me: "Chocolate cake will make you barf."

Iz: "Pleeeeease?? Please please please?"

Me, snidely: "Sure, you can have chocolate cake if you don't mind barfing it up in half an hour."

Iz, brightly: "OKAY!"

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