Media Madness

Of the books I'm admitting to, I finally finished the doorstop: A Suitable Buoy. It was a pleasant, edifying read, but even I started flagging after the first 1000 pages. Discussion, anyone? How about that Maan and Firoz? Hmmm?

Now I am reading Johnnny Got His Gun, and, after I got over the absence of commas (yes I am easily distracted by such superficialities), I am now engrossed yet dismayed and certainly more disgusted with the concept of war than ever.

I am desperately in love with the new Batt1estar Ga1actica series, and swoon over the new Starbuck as much as I ever did for Dirk Benedict. She kicks ass!

Also can't get enough of The Kumars. I made Seymour watch it tonight and haven't seen him laugh that much in moons and moons. Although the episode with Buoy George freaked me out a bit as I'd never realized how similar his speaking voice is to Wombat's.

Seymour has never seen What's New Pusssycat?! Can you imagine? He agreed to watch it voluntarily. Romy Schneider is just the cutest thing. I want to be her. Still loathe Woody A11en, though. Swearing off anything with him or his voice in it.

Going to bed now.

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