Reverend Joan called this morning to ask if we were ready to officially join the congregation. I said I thought we were but am waiting to hear what Seymour thinks. He's been bugging me about it, so I'm guessing his answer will be "Well, YES." The requirements, besides a "contribution of record," which we already do, is that we each write an index-card sized biography.

That last one's going to be a kicker, as I almost never have time to write anything at all, and if I do it's writing-vomit like this rather than the sort of thoughtfully composed material I'm guessing they want. (As an aside, this absence of time is also why I respond to comments and email so infrequently. I want to, but I can't. Takes two hands. Rest assured that I get your email and read your comments!)

The other thing Joan asked about is whether I'd be willing to talk about being a birth mother during the Mothers Day service. I said I would, but then thought I should check with Seymour first (I am still waiting to hear back).

Iz will be present during the service, so I'd need to talk to her about it before then. I figured she's getting to the age where it would be best for her to know about it now rather than find out later, so this gives me a deadline.

Only problem: I have no idea how to go about broaching the subject with her. I know I've written about the need to do this before, but I didn't follow through. Now I really do need to figure out how to tell her about her 14-year-old half-brother, even though he'll never know about her or her siblings because his parents opted not to tell him he was adopted.

Any ideas? Counseling referrals? Ways in which to bring it up so that it's not such a BIG DEAL (although it is).

Mali has been peacefully kicking on the changing table next to me this whole time, I'd best go.

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