La lectura es más diversión que...

Iz is in San Dieggy right now. Where we left her with my parents, gleefully. I am certain that my folks will truly enjoy the next few days as they share their home with the terror twin instant combustion team of Iz and Merlin. Whatever money Ep (Merlin's mom) is saving by staying at my folks' place rather than a hotel will most likely be spent on valium when she gets back.

Shortly before we left on our trip, Iz informed me that she'd been placed in the top reading group in her class. This in addition to her being student of the month makes me yet again question the wisdom of placing her in that grade, in that school. What were we thinking?

The reading group thing is cool, as it means her Spanish comprehension has caught up with her reading skills (she could read anything put in front of her almost from day 1, Spanish being a see-n-say language). Most importantly, she is pleased with and proud of herself. And now so confident with the language that she's starting to bullshit us en Español.

While in San Diego, Iz started berating me for not bringing down more of the Seriously Inopportune Events books that she'd plowed through on the car trip down. I assured Iz that her lack of prescience was neither my fault nor problem, pointed to the big stack of other books that she'd brought down with her, and commiserated with her on how sucky it is to have a series interrupted when you really really want to know what happens next.

Afterwards, The Little Flower drew me aside, and said (and here is where Badger and Jo get to chortle): "Do you really think she's getting those books?"

Heh heh. Yeah. She has been reporting the plots to me in almost too much detail. Although I do wonder if she'll be as interested in the books that weren't chummed to make the movie.

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