More Vomit Fun

Leelo's got some weird bug. He was up, barfing strenuously, every 45 minutes from 12:30 A.M. onwards. He's killed three changes of bedclothes (including pillows), four outfits/sets of jammies, had three baths, and caused Seymour and I to change clothes at least once each. His diapers are being filled with the most foul-smelling mucusy output imaginable. At this point, however, he hasn't barfed in two hours.

Iz joined in the vomiting fun at 7:30 this morning, just as she was walking out the door to have a months-delayed "Daddy-daughter" morning, while holding a bag full of valentines for her classmates, and while wearing head-to-toe red for the one day this year that the color is allowed. Thankfully she knows both how to head for the toilet, and how to hold her hair back. Unlike her brother, she's still wearing the same clothes. A small mercy.

Both Seymour and I have insta-chapped hands from constant washing with caustic soap and almost-boiling water, as this is a bug we do NOT want Mali to get. Barfing diarrheatic babies are good candidates for ER trips, as they get dehydrated so quickly. Poor bits. She still has a cold, is still Princess Twin Green Rivers, so she doesn't deserve to have another bug on top of her existing one. Fingers crossed.

Darling Seymour stayed home during the morning until things evened out. I am grateful for that, and that my sick kids are happy to lie on the couch and plug into the TV indefinitely while I do the three extra loads of laundry this morning's adventures have necessitated, and make the nine phone calls to call off today's scheduled events.

At least Iz provided a comic interlude. She's not supposed to watch TV commercials, but rather is supposed to fast-forward through them when viewing TeeVO'd shows. This means, of course, that she adores them. Any commercial! She will beg for permission to watch car commercials, drill commercials, you name it. This also means that she sneaks in viewings whenever possible ("Oh, sorry! I didn't know it was a commercial!"). I'm not sure how she snuck this last one in, but she has spent the morning reassuring me that I really need to try a new birth control pill called "Saisonelle" because it will make it so I only have four periods a year and wouldn't that be great? You try keeping a straight face when confronted with such earnestness.

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