Balls. Rolling.

The Deadwood City school district just called to schedule Leelo's intake evaluation. It will take place in two weeks, during Bad Moms Coffee (but of course), at the school where Supervisor M and I were unimpressed by the behavioral management taking place in the K-2 special ed class. Once the evaluation is complete and they have all the materials they need (which will probably come from doing observations at Iron Gate as well as talking to Leelo's team members), then we will schedule his IEP.

They've asked us to have Therapist L (who works Thursday mornings) come along to the intake keep things "regular" for Leelo, but otherwise I do not believe anyone other than Leelo or I needs to be present as they'll be having their staff evaluate him. Again, they will contact members of Leelo's team for additional information as needed.

Two other items of interest:

The woman I talked to said that they are restructuring the special ed classes for next year. They will probably break up the K-2 class mentioned above to create either a separate K, or K-1 class--which the teacher above will not be leading. I must note that other parents think that this teacher is wonderful, though I've not had a discussion opportunity with any of them.

Also the intake woman saw Leelo's article in the paper two years ago, and kept it because he was a Deadwood kid and she figured she'd be seeing him come through the system at some point. So that's in his file, too.

Getting going! Perhaps they will fund the therapeutic preschool and kindergarten I saw and loved so much last week, and which I have not written about much.

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