International Aiiiigh

It is 4 AM. I am sitting at my desk frustrated by attempts to call back a friend in Mali. (For real. No psedonymity here.) He has called me twice in five minutes--shocking me awake with the instant thought that someone we love must be dead--and asked me to call him back. However the number he gave me appears to be incorrect. Also I think he doesn't realize that noon in Bamako is eight hours earlier here. Plus he mostly speaks French and I mostly don't.

That latter part is fortunate for him because I cannot possibly convey how pissed off I am at being woken up at this hour, in French, especially after my own Mali didn't let me fall asleep until almost 3:00 (I climbed into bed at 1:30).

I have emailed him twice to let him know that I cannot reach him with the number he gave me. Aiiigh. I want to go back to sleep.


Update: I finally got through. I believe that what he is saying is that his wife just had a baby girl lsat night and is going to name her after me! If that is true then what an honor. A little Squidlet Maiji running around Bamako. Cool.

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