Leelo Sea Changes

Long discussion with Supervisor M this morning, about where Leelo is as opposed to where he needs to be. It would have been a shorter discussion if Mali wasn't such a busy, effective little tornado. Here are the main points:
  • She finally agreed with me that Iron Gate is no longer the place for Leelo (Therapist L later agreed, too). There is too much discussion- and interaction-based play, and the environment now overstimulates him. We will probably leave in the next two to three weeks. I am sad about leaving the community, but not terribly sad. Leelo will get to be in a more appropriate environment (ideally the therapeutic preschool we observed a few weeks ago) and I will get to bail on newsletter writing, fundraising, maintenance hours, working on Monday afternoons, twice/thrice monthly evening meetings, and Mali's weekly dip in the petri dish/nursery.
  • I need to contact the therapeutic preschool and ask if they devote any time to learning play skills. We didn't observe play skills time during our visit, but we were only there for part of the class.
  • If we are going to switch preschools, then Leelo's entire schedule is going to be shot to hell. He currently attends school in the afternoon, and will need to switch to mornings. We can keep his schedule mostly intact at first, as he will initially attend with an aide, but the goal is to have him attend without one. That will cut down on therapist hours considerably. I spoke with Therapist L about this already and she said not to worry, that we'd make it work at that we are her first priority when it comes to scheduling (she is so sweet!).
  • Supervisor M really wants us to start putting Leelo in underwear full-time rather than just when he's with a therapist. I balked--not merely because I am overwhelmed and so can't even contemplate daily clean up of a shit-ridden little boy and his clothing. My logical rather than lazy rationale is that Leelo's not yet had the epiphany regarding self-control of #2 that he had a few months ago with #1. Also, he could care less about sitting on a big steamer until it starts to irritate his skin, so putting him in underwear is not going to motivate him to stay clean or dry, at least not yet. I think he'll get there; I think his body is just not ready yet. It will happen.
  • I mentioned that he still has occasional night shits. Supervisor M wants us to track them, as if he really is having them frequently, then that is another atypical developmental issue and we should consult with a developmental pediatrician. She wants us to see one, anyhow.
  • We discussed many other things, such as the YouCSF report and its not quite getting Leelo or the complexity and appropriateness of his program, a second psychopharmacology consult, Leelo's recent difficulty with previously-learned sequences (independent, unprompted pre-bath time disrobing, washing hands), and the possibility of the school district setting up an autism kindergarten that Leelo can attend. All good.
Tired, both kids actually went to bed easily for the first time this week but Mali will probably wake up soon.

Got to talk to Iz briefly this afternoon, she could talk of nothing but Fl0am. Miss her and her handsome dad anyhow.

Soooo fucking tired. Not going to bore me or you with the why for.

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