Two Kinds of Intake

This morning Leelo went to his Deadwood School District intake evaluation. It was mostly good; Therapist L came along as it was during her session anyhow, and coaxed Leelo into demonstrating his strengths, and how much he knows and can do as opposed to how much he will demonstrate on cue.

All of the intakers--the psychologist, speech therapist, the super-bubbly occupational therapist, and the intake coordinator--were all lovely people, all gifted at what must be their calling. I am guessing, then, that there are different, evil people whom we will encounter at the death match IEP?

I spent an hour doing the new Vine1and assessment (parent interview) with the psychologist as Mali tore up everything around us. I was also given two rather lengthy additional assessments to fill out: behavioral and sensory. No big deal, though I'm not exactly looking for extra responsibilities just now.

Leelo was okay for the remainder of his evaluation, but on the way home and for the rest of the day, his behavior spiraled into nutty uncontrollable not-quite-giggles land. This is my fault; I had been letting him have bits of cookies and donuts over the past few days as we'd run out of all our Leelo foods and I'd had no opportunity to go to the store. When we really hit rock bottom on the foodstuffs, I then made him a smoothie out of all the fruits left in the house. It was delicious, but truly sent him around the bend. No. Sugar. For. Leelo! When will I learn?

Although it was cheery to hear him start muttering "fuck" all day long. It's not entirely intelligible (in fact Therapist L had to point it out to me), so I don't think he's going to offend anyone . . . but it's about time, don't you think?

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