I promised Jo I would post some photos tonight, but my folks are asleep upstairs next to the camera and I don't want to wake them. Sorry, sweetie! Tomorrow. When you can see them on your OWN computer. Joy!

Leelo's latest perseveration is repeatedly turning the TV on and off, even during favorite, requested videos. He is also having difficulties sitting still during that time--he jumps off the couch and runs around gibbering. Which is a disappointment to me, as what the fuck are videos for if not to plug your kids in and give yourself a scant few moments to get work done? This inability to sit still for even the most powerful of treats is, to me, another symptom that points to a possible need for psychopharmacological intervention. A kid who can't zone in front of the TV for his favorite videos of all time most likely has something screwy going on with his wiring or voltage.

Which reminds me that Supervisor M really does think that Leelo is dual diagnosis: Autism/ADHD. Which makes sense.

Seymour and Iz are finally home. Oh Thank God. Leelo decided to have a party last night from 1 to 3:30 A.M., and I was stressed about being the only hand on deck--what if Mali woke up, too? Thankfully the baby slept through the night (!).

Iz spazzed over my new 'do: "You look like a totally different Mommy!" I don't think she likes it. Too bad! The new style requires minimal maintenance, so to me it's a winner no matter what it actually looks like.

My Mom and Dad are absolutely taken with Mali, and are looking forward to spending this week with her. Who wouldn't be? Our baby is beyond charming.

I would like to use this final paragraph to praise Ep and Clyde. They have been so incredibly sweet and helpful to me during Seymour's absence. It would embarrass them to detail why, so I will simply state that everyone should have such friends in their lives.

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