Very Tired

And obviously this has been going on for days, since I just now realized that I'd used "subconscious" rather than "subliminal" in a previous post. The real flashing light for me, though, is the celebratory puffy eyelid infection I get when I'm really tired and stressed. The better to celebrate WoolfCamp!

Don't know if I'll ever get to documenting the whirlwind of last week. But here was yesterday:

Took care of Ep's cats. I am surprised that she is placing so much faith in me, as one of her cats needs insulin injections, and my track record with my own cats is not great--I have in fact given the wrong cat the stick in the past. Each morning as I leave to go to Ep's, Seymour whispers, "It's the stripey cat."

Went to the christening of Godmother Stacy's twins. In SF. In the big cathedral. Mali showed proper respect by producing a big stinky load mid-ceremony, which almost caused the attendees to faint. I found a nice quiet corner in front of "The Angel Removes the Lance What Pierced Christ's Heart" and took care of business.

Excellent lunch afterwards with all the attendees, including Godfather M. Who is apparently now blogging. And whom I will 'roll as soon as permission is given.

Grocery shopping with Leelo and Mali. Always interesting. Mali now stands erect in the bin of the cart and salutes/engages everyone we meet.

Went and visited my vacationing friend. She was not able to enjoy her vacation initially, but now is thinking time away in the proper environment and with the right people is a good, helpful thing. She is irritated that it conflicts with Woolfcamp, but ah well.

That doesn't sound like much but I went to bed as soon as physically possible. And now, Mali and I are off to Woolfcamp, which Mary promises will be a vortex of re-energization.

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