Today was Sophie de Spanglemonkey's 6th birthday party.

Because I cannot keep track of my own ringpiece these days, I had forgotten that Babysitter A was off for the weekend. I inwardly debated tag-teaming with Seymour so that Leelo could stay at home, but in the end we took the entire family. Leelo's been much less aggressive and unpredictable in the past three days, plus I cannot deny my sweet boy a romp in a bouncy house.

Turned out to be a loverly afternoon. Leelo confined his interpersonal overenthusiasm to his sisters (with the exception of one incident involving Badger's Moomin, apologies), and both Seymour and I were able to engage in rather pleasant though sporadic mingling with our dear friends.

I am now filled with dewy, sparkly hope at the thought that we may be able to put the horrors of January behind us. I would like nothing better than to resume living with the stress-o-meter set at a comfortable 7 or 8, instead of that red-hot-poker 11.

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