Last Week

Reduced to outstanding events only. Rated by least to most emotionally involving.

-Somehow managed to schedule events during every single block of time in which both Leelo and Iz were occupied. Idiotic and draining. Won't do it again, and not just because it left the entire household scrambling for clean socks and drawers due to the resulting laundry blackout.

-Took Leelo to the nutritionist as I've only been meaning to do so for two years. Good news: he is getting all the nutrition he needs despite his limited diet, thanks to his vitamins and supplements. It would be nice if he would eat more protein and any vegetables, but mostly he is covered. The only worry is anemia due to low iron intake but, 1) He is far from listless, and listlessness is a symptom, and 2) It is a simple finger stick test rather than a blood draw. No worries.

-Had a meeting with our architects and the county folks that left me leaning against the wall trying to suppress the urge to vomit. Apparently a good deal of the information that our project director had painstakingly gathered via multiple, intentionally redundant interviews with county planners was nevertheless wrong. The multiple easements running through our yard have all sorts of unforeseen complications. Complications that in the worst case scenario will derail the project entirely, and in the best case scenario have me petitioning to reroute one of the easements--a process that could take more than a year, is a gamble (they could say no) and without which we cannot get design approval. My outlook was not improved by the lead architect declaring our parcel to be the most complicated she'd ever worked on, or the project lead's declaring the information discrepancies the most dramatic she'd ever encountered.

-My friend went on her involuntarily voluntary vacation. I have by necessity bifurcated my mind into caretaking and emotional suppression halves. I repeat to myself all day long that she is in the best place, she will come home to us. And I do not let myself go any further than that because we all need to stay here for her, and she needs us to be strong when she comes back. Because she will be coming back, riding a sleigh drawn by twin timberwolves, with fire in her eyes and a renewed, reinforced spirit. She's already hijacked a computer, which gives me hope.

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