She Did, However, Neglect to Mention Her Interest in Politics

After much cajoling, two dull drafts, and absolutely no editorial input from either of her parents, Iz finally decided she was ready to sit down and write her Big Noggin student statement. It makes me all warm and tingly just to read such heartfelt, burgeoning geekitude. If they don't accept her, then what kind of 2nd grader would they accept?

She and Seymour are still down in HellLay. Seymour is advising on a top-secret Education and Science panel, and Iz is hanging out with her fiance Stan--who apparently has a limitless supply of the Fl0am Iz has been coveting for months. Iz is methodically covering every object in Stan's mom Hayley's house with the stuff.

Oooh, I miss Iz and Seymour both. It sucks being the only adult in the house when Mali and Leelo both decide they prefer a 10 PM bed time.

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