Everybody Hurts

Everybody Hurts

Holidays suck for Leelo. We are trying to do our best to give him space and run him around, and everyone in my family is doing their best to help me mind him as Seymour is working the long hours, but Leelo is still getting very frustrated by having so many people around.

So far he has assaulted every single relative who has visited, with the exception of my brother Chet's four-year-old son Patrick (thank fucking god). He hit my niece Nicole so hard that she cried--and she is an eleven year old toughie. When I sat down with her to talk about it, she said that it was okay, that Leelo didn't know what he was doing. I told her that that's not entirely true, and it certainly isn't right for him to do it, or fair for her to suck it up. I said that he might not know that he is hurting her, but her certainly knows that he is getting a big reaction out of her--and loving it. We discussed techniques for avoiding him in general and for not making a fuss if possible if he does get her. But, dude, having to have that talk with her and her same-aged stepbrother Cole really sucks.

I am having a good time with my family but my heart hurts both for our guests and for Leelo. We are used to Leelo and his ways; I can't imagine what it's like to hang out with him if you're not used to him especially during his new aggressive phase. I am grateful that Leelo forgives us as soon as everyone leaves, and become his own mostly sweet self again, and I am grateful to everyone in my family yet again for being so understanding and helpful and tolerant--especially the kids. These are not the shitty self-centered asswipe pre-teens the media would have us shun.

Today we went to the Magic Mountain playground, which was wonderful fenced and probably the best playground I've ever been to and which wore him out for a while; tomorrow we are going to the jumpy place, which I've been told by a reliable source can wear kids like Leelo out in less than an hour. Fingers crossed.


Meanwhile I am trying to figure out what unforgivable deed I did to my SIL Bree to merit Mali's receiving this gift for Xmas.

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