Holiday Generosity and Thanks

Holiday Generosity and Thanks

Leelo is sleeping in bed amidst a surfeit of straws, thanks to his friends Liz Ditz, Sage, Ep, and his godmother Hayley. He now gets new straws as quickly as he can ask for them, and couldn't be more content or pleased. I wonder if this had anything to do with his spontaneous and unaided use of the toilet yesterday. I hope that was a precedent!

Tonight we neither had to make the sumptuous dinner we ate nor clean up after it nor lift fingers in any way thanks to wonderful Ep's and Clyde's hosting not only us but my parents. Dude, Ep even made homemade pugliese bread. I would have wept in gratitude had I the energy--the combination of holiday overload, Seymour's new long hours, Mali and Leelo never sleeping before midnight, and all the kids' sicknesses have made me grumpy and tired and taxed. It was also very cool to watch Leelo and Merlin get really into playing chase with Merlin's dad Clyde.

Here is Leelo using the ramp that you interneteers bought for him and his buddies! Occupational Therapist K said most of her students love it as much as Leelo does. An additional, groveling-in-the-dust-on-my-belly thank you to everyone who helped out.

My friend Amy came over to babysit last night as she is still earning funds for her Sojourn Project trip. She is one of only 73 kids from Saint Matthew's County who will be participating--that is, if she can make good. Until yesterday she was too embarrassed to tell me that she still hasn't met her goal, though she has applied for financial aid to make up the difference. Crossed fingers and a sigh. She has until January 16th, so I am going to discreetly post one last small fundraiser to help her out, anything would be appreciated. Thanks. And apologies to Tamara O, Amy's generous donor who got left out of my last spazzy thank-you list.

This year I finally realized that I simply do not have the bandwidth or free time to do my usual 200+ holiday cards/newsletters/photos, and that it would not be a bad thing for my sanity or the environment to abandon such endeavors. Instead we've gone bloggy for the holidays, and were able to contact 80% of our holiday friends and family via email (or we will; I haven't finished emailing everyone and I refuse to do spam or impersonal form letters). I'm a much better--or at least more legible--correspondent via the keyboard than when wielding my mighty pen, anyhow. If anyone knows how you can track statistics in Vox, please let me know.

Warm Winter Wishes,


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