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NAAR (the National Alliance for Autism Research), merged with Autism Speaks a while back. It was a disappointing move.

I approved of NAAR's research-heavy approach into determining the causes of autism and mapping the autistic brain. I am not a fan of Autism Speaks, or their campaign of negativity and fear and "getting back our stolen children," when in fact my son is snoring gently in the next room. While I do agree with their message that autism can be really fucking hard for both autistics and their families, I resent their message that people like my wonderfully silly and affectionate son are nothing but a burden or a puzzle. Also, they do not seem to have any awareness of crackly-smart, content autistics who aren't looking for a cure.

I am looking for a new autism organization to which I can donate the funds from the Friends of Leelo t-shirts and gear. My ideal agency, which I've not yet found, will combine a positive attitude with autism advocacy, support, education, research, and awareness. I would be grateful for any recommendations.

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