Social Activist Fundraising: Almost There

Social Activist Fundraising: Almost There

If you were the kid whose parents forced you to go on educational trips whose value you only now recognize, or the kid who really wanted to go on those trips but whose parents couldn't afford it, then you get what a cool thing it will be if we can help my hard working teenage friend Amy participate in The Sojourn Project.

So far, both online and IRL the fund stands at $650, which is mind-boggling and incredible. It would be so lovely if we could raise another $250. If you can carve out any portion of your holiday gifting--no matter the amount--and redirect it her way, you will have done a very good deed indeed.

Here's the Dropcash campaign page. Go go go!

Grateful backflips to those who've contributed most recently:

Suzanne, Erin, Rebecca, Sara Z., Susan, Mark, Alexandra, and Kimberly N.

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