Thursday Treacle

Thursday Treacle

Look, I can't ever really be sincere. If I ever even approach being so, then one of my brothers will find out about it and give me endless shit. Sincerity equals vulnerability, so self-expression both requires careful phrasing and mandates jovial self-deprecation.

This means today's post is skittering over some thin ice indeed. It is my attempt at some happy top-shelf Hallmark hooch--to remind myself that even though the last two weeks have been shockingly shitful, I have many reasons to be grateful:
  • Jenijen, Kris R., and Amy F. Your contributions to (the other) Amy's Sojourn Project fund helped me raise more than $900. And it was okay not to hit the mark as I got to contribute a small amount.
  • Having a kid like Iz, who writes signs like the one below and posts them on her door. Such a wonderful little geeklet. Today she demanded to know why she can't read Tess of the D'Urbervilles, because after all I did say that it was a great read. (Not to her, though. She was eavesdropping.)
  • Leelo's continued progress despite something seriously tweaked going on in his his brain or body. Today he looked at a burned-out bulb and declared, "The light is broken!" That is a new expression. That it was followed by five frantic minutes of, "Fix the light! Fix the light!" was also okay, as we happened to have replacement bulbs onsite, and the latter is also is a new expression.
  • Mali's suddenly and with great sass becoming truly conversational:
  • "Mama, what do you think?"
  • "I think you are very cute but that you should go to bed.
  • "NO."
  • Seymour of course. I want him to take some sort of break soon, though.
  • I only cried once today! That was after Leelo ran out in front of a moving car for the second time in less than 24 hours.
I don't even know why I'm posting this really, drier than ship's biscuit as it is. Perhaps I'm just even more tired than you are of all the beseeching posts of late that have little to do with me or my family. I want to get back to what this space is supposed to sport.

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