Want to Help Groom the Next Generation of Social Activists?

Want to Help Groom the Next Generation of Social Activists?

I am trying to raise money again. Last time, I swear!

I am trying to raise $200 by December 6th for Amy, a sixteen-year-old friend of mine whose hard-working family isn't able to afford to underwrite her dream of participating in The Sojourn Project's ten-day journey retracing the American civil rights movement of the 50's and 60's.

Amy is an amazing young woman who will truly appreciate this opportunity. If you donate ten or more dollars and send me your address, I'll send you a Mix CD or a Leelo or Mali book or some stickers from Ghana or Japan...

This is the letter that went out to my local Unitarian congregation:
Like many of you, our family has decided to focus on the kind of holiday giving that makes a real difference. If you feel the same way, then consider the following opportunity:

My friend Amy Sandia is sixteen years old, and is a junior at Deadwood High School. She "has a dream," which is to go on a ten-day Sojourn Project journey (www.sojournproject.com) that will retrace the steps of the American civil rights movement in the 50's and 60's. I can only hope that my own children will show such a fierce interest in history and humanity when they reach her age.

Amy is a wonderful girl, from a wonderful family, but unfortunately her family cannot afford to pay for all of the trip's expenses. Amy has been doing quite a lot of fundraising, but has not yet reached her goal. The payment deadline of December 7th is looming.

If you are looking for a way to make a concrete difference in a local life--and to help groom the next generation of social activists--then please consider making a donation towards Amy's trip. It will make a lovely holiday gift in the name of your favorite historically savvy liberal.

Thank you,

Squid Rosenberg

I have set up a DropCash campaign page, yet again. Thanks everyone.


New DropCash campaign page! The first one filled up almost instantly. Fuckin' A, you people are cool.

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