Help TLF, Seattleites, You're Her Only Hope

Help TLF, Seattleites, You're Her Only Hope

Turns out TLF and Floyd are relocating. To the general Seattle area, to be specific. To, erm, Auburn, to be even more specific, as that is where Floyd got coddled and cajoled into taking a new job. I am thinking that an urban-leaning couple like those two should consider living in town rather than in the 'burbs. Here are my reasons:

  • Auburn is the same distance from Seattle as Deadwood City is from San Francisco. Seymour does that commute every day. And Seattle to Auburn is a reverse commute.

  • Seattle is a much more livable city than overcrowded, no-parking SF. Excepting the downtown core, Seattleites often live in detached houses near walkable neighborhoods.

  • When we go to Seattle, we don't visit people who live far away. By "far away" I mean I haven't seen two very good friends since they moved to Sammamish and Newburg, respectively.

  • Mercer Island and Bellevue might be closer but they are dull. Last time we stayed with my in-laws on Mercer Island, the big deal in town was the opening of a Pho restaurant. They're still getting used to Thai food, those wacky Islanders.

  • Kirkland might be okay. I heard that there are lots of hippies there.

Anyhow, I would appreciate it if those in the know could chime in with reasons why my friends cannot live in fucking Auburn. And perhaps where might be a good place for a hip couple (well, TLF's hip, anyhow) with a new baby, hard core (bi)cycling needs, and a commute to Auburn to dwell.

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