Vote or Die

Vote or Die

Why should you vote? Because I will ban your IP address if you don't. Because you're an asshole if you don't.

KQED's Democracy project for kids has a simple write up on why voting is so important, summarized in a way that is not entirely inappropriate for many adults I know. Do not take your right for granted. Even if you disagree with me and my politics.

Here are some sites that helped me make decisions:




Our own dear Badger

If you haven't had time to do the research, then all you have to do is go through my list of propositions below (read the links, too), and then vote Democrat on everything else.

Here is my opinion on the California State Propositions. (The titles and some of the links were swiped from Pete.)

  • 1A NO Gasoline sales tax (Sales taxes go to the GENERAL fund. They shouldn't be earmarked. This is a bad bad precendent.)

  • 1B YES Transportation bonds

  • 1C YES Housing Bonds so people can actually live in California ($2.85 billion)

  • 1D YES School & University Construction Bonds ($10 billion)

  • 1E YES Flood Control Bonds ($4 billion) Prevention is expensive, but much less costly than disaster relief and reconstruction. Just ask the people of the Gulf Coast states.

  • 83 NO Increasing Punishment of Sex Offenders. Even Orange County conservatives oppose this one.

  • 84 YES Drinking Water & Flood Control Bonds ($5.4 billion) While I am conflicted because of some overlap with IE, 84 is backed by almost everyone I respect.

  • 85 NO Parental Notification for Minors Getting Abortions. NO. Let's not further fuck up the lives of at-risk teen girls.

  • 86 YES Cigarette Tax Hike to Fund Health Services. Sure.

  • 87 YES Oil Production Tax to Fund Alternative Energy.

  • 88 YES $50-per-Parcel Tax for K-12 Education. Undo some of the damage of Prop 13, with respect to education.

  • 89 YES Public Financing of Political Campaigns. Duh. Not even bothering with a link.

  • 90 NO Limiting Regulation of Private Property. Complicated, but basically Prop 90 "...will make land use regulation in California so expensive that it will simply cease." Please read the whole link.

And of course, if you live in this area, please vote for Iz's hero Ira Ruskin for state assembly. He is pro-environment, pro-choice, and seems to actually have principles.

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