Leelo's Friends RULE!

Leelo's Friends RULE!

Our campaign to get Leelo's local friends a scooter board ramp has hit 62% in only three days. Beyond amazing, just like everyone who has helped out.

The latest (prompted) thank you from Leelo goes to Jenijen, Carol, Alsuin, and Jeremy!

And many, many thanks also to Blaize, Whump, Kari, Mary Tsao, Brianna, Lara, Minnie, Sage, Jill, Amy F., Lisa B., TLF, JP, Jo Spanglemonkey, Dee, and J-L K.

Signora Blog and Gwendomama have also promised funds, so really we're closer to 70%. Wow.

reH nay'meylIjyIn Dujablu'jaj!

(That is Klingon for "May your dishes always be served alive.")

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