Two: The Age of Turn Your Back on Me at Your Peril

Two: The Age of "Turn Your Back on Me at Your Peril"

Mali earned her Warning: I Am Two t-shirt less than 24 hours after reaching the 24 month milestone. While I was helping Leelo with his toilette, she silently emptied half of her bathwater onto the bathroom floor. Iz and I filled Mali's bath back up and then looked away from our not-baby for a moment; when our heads swiveled back we found Mali proffering two huge turd sections to us, one in each hand. Aiiigh.

In other news, we are all sick. Me so much so and with such a sore throat that I didn't sleep the night before Mali's birthday party--every time I swallowed, the pain woke me up. Thank heavens for good friends like Ep, who came over with one hour's notice to help make all the party food since I didn't want to be Typhoid Mary, and for good husbands like Seymour, who did all the rest of the party prep and cleanup despite not feeling so well himself. I am also grateful to Babysitter A (whom Iz thinks we should rename CoffeeHawk) for looking after an ill and obstinate Leelo during the party even though she also felt like shit.

--And I am going to fucking VAPORISE Ecto if it doesn't start letting me post. I've been trying to post this entry since 10 this morning.

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