Mali vs. The MYND Institute

Mali vs. The MYND Institute

Mali had a 24-month developmental checkup today at The MYND Institute, as she is an ongoing participant in their Infant Siblings of Autistic Children study. They said--as usual--that she is as typical and darling as can be, and is even ahead of the curve in many ways.

I was surprised that these declarations were made despite Mali's refusal to demonstrate her knack for turning any object into a jaunty chapeau, her mastery of the gerund, or her ability to count cheerios as she drops them into her beverage. In fact many of their trials were not representative of her actual skills set as she was playing too much, or focusing too much. Both of which were fine by me--her siblings aren't too adept at either concept.

Truly, though, these sessions are wonderfully reassuring for me. I recommend them to any autism family with a new baby living within 150 miles of Sacramento.

I especially recommend the MYND Institute research studies for families having a difficult time getting additional developmental evaluations for already-diagnosed autistic children. Many studies, such as the Imitation & Regressi0n study in which Leelo participated, contain the exact same evaluations (Vineland Social Maturity Scale, etc.) that were used in my guy's initial diagnosis at Staffnord. And unlike its impenetrable diagnosis clinic, The MYND Institute's research clinics are eager to bring families in. It is not as though you would be fleecing them--they want to evaluate your child. When you consider that you will also be helping with autism research and so helping the autism community in general, it really is win-win. They'll even give you a small stipend.

I am going to go sleep a little more soundly than usual. Have a good night.

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