Ecto vs. Blogger = Frakked up Fundraising

Ecto vs. Blogger = Frakked up Fundraising

I do not know why Ecto and Blogger have chosen the Leelo fundraising post as the one in which to alternately refuse to post and then delete each other's posts. I don't know why they couldn't have gone buggy on ANY OTHER POST.


If you got here somehow and are looking to contribute to Leelo's campaign, please click on the Helping Leelo's Local Friends "donate now" link in the Dropcash badge in the left hand sidebar. Or go directly to the campaign.

And many, many thanks to Blaize, Whump, Kari, Mary Tsao, and Brianna for being so quick to drop that cash and help Leelo's friends!

Update: More thanks to Lara, Minnie, Sage, and Jill! We are more than 25% of the way there.

Update again: I am astounded by your generosity! Amy F. Lisa B., TLF, and JP--thank you all so much. We're almost halfway there in less than a day!

Update YET again: On bended knee: Jo Spanglemonkey, Dee, J-L K, my deepest gratitude. We've hit 50%.

11/16/06 Leelo's Friends RULE! We're at 62% in less than three days. A (prompted) thank you from Leelo to Jenijen, Carol, Alsuin, and Jeremy!

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