Halloween: I Win!

Halloween: I Win!

Please witness that I got all four kids and myself costumed, made up, and out the door for Halloween. Almost in time*.

Many thanks to Ep, Clyde, Badger, Rook, Minnie, Jo, and Manny and of course Seymour for helping with Mali and Leelo once we arrived at Ep's house for the festivities.

All the kids looked great! However I didn't have the energy to take pictures once we left our house. Hopefully Badger or Jo or Ep will post some soon.

I am going to go lie down now. Oh, wait, the architects will be here in ten minutes to determine my fate, or at least the color scheme and materials amongst which I will live out my days...

*This includes tidying the entire house by 4:30 (a frantic affair, no matter how weekly); cleaning up Leelo's potty accident of shit-in-the-hair proportions by 4:45; getting Leelo's dinner together since he wouldn't be able to eat anything at Ep's by 5:00; being really rude to my Mom, Signora Blog, and Armada, all of whom called to discuss important matters by 5:15; finishing getting the kids and myself ready by 5:30; finally picking up the pizzas I was supposed to retrieve half an hour earlier by 5:45, and getting to Ep's 30 minutes later than the pizza-craving hordes had been told to expect me--by 6:00.

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