When Friends Sleep Over on School Nights: A Spiral of Bad Ideas

When Friends Sleep Over on School Nights: A Spiral of Bad Ideas

Even though Iz is ecstatic to have her buddy Violet spending the night at our house these past two nights (Violet's family is out of the country), I am realizing that even the world's most amazingly compliant and helpful kid blows our house's not-so-delicate balance all to hell. Especially when we don't really have enough beds or rooms for everyone, especially when Leelo has destroyed the sofa bed we'd normally put them in, especially when Mali is trying to learn how to go to sleep on her own and needs spaaace, especially when Leelo has a nutter night and so the girls can't even try to sleep in Iz's bed because it's in the same room as Leelo's, especially when it's Halloween week and we promised we'd carve pumpkins, especially when it's a school night and they really do need to get to bed on time, and oh fuck I can't wait until this holiday is over.

And I am realizing that I haven't yet heard back from the school district regarding what they intend to do about paying for Leelo's program. It's been a month, but I hadn't noticed until Seymour's mom politely asked why she was still getting invoices from Leelo's crew. Sigh.

11/01 Addendum:

Please note that Violet was over here because it seemed like a fine idea to me one month ago, and that Armada (her mom) went through five or six iterations of "are you sure?" beforehand.

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