Medication Maybe

Medication Maybe

One of these days I'm going to finally buy myself an official Waffle t-shirt, because I can't ever make up my mind about or take a consistent stance regarding any issue. Not really.

Take the Leelo meds about which I was crowing so very recently. All that bullet-pointed fabulousness was followed by two straight days of Leelo From Mars--even though we did not and have not yet changed meds (we are trying to switch Leelo from Adderupp to Fukalin, but the pharmacists keep telling me that the medication will be in tomorrow. I've been waiting for tomorrow for three days now).

The past two days weren't as trying as the recent Adderupp-free days, but he was still fucking wacky with the stimming and vocalizing and inability to answer questions or stay focused. Big sigh.

I have both heard and read that a lot of kids like Leelo experience Great! effects from meds, but that the effectiveness wears off after a while. I expected that. What I didn't expect was that the effects would only last Leelo a scant few weeks. Big sigh.

Another consideration is that Dark Leelo has emerged like clockwork after the past three Autumnal Equinoxes. His behavior and language are are lovely starting March 21st, and go to shit September 21st, every year. The meds might not be able to fully counter our boy's reaction to the season cycle. A friend suggested we get him one of those anti-Seasonal Affectation Disorder lamps. Maybe. I'd rather give Fukalin a shot before investing in any household appliance too big to fit in my underwear drawer.

Here's hoping those pharmacists finally got to roll their dice and move their mice in Leelo's favor, and that tomorrow the new medication will appear.

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