Adderupp: Medication Makes a Difference, Yes It Does

Adderupp: Medication Makes a Difference, Yes It Does

Leelo had an unintentional two-day holiday from Adderupp. Wow. Bad decision (IMHO--Seymour doesn't necessarily think that Leelo's symptoms were as unmanageable as I did).
  • Leelo's activity was off the scale. He was still fairly good with his teachers and therapists, but they all asked if we'd changed his medication because of his activity level. Running, bouncing, stimming, humming, vocalizing.
  • Unstructured at home time left him extremely anxious. He had no idea what to do with himself, and spent most of his time violently rearranging the toys and items in his "therapy corner." I had to apologize to Therapist L this afternoon, the damage was so severe.
  • He was unable to sit still for a favorite video, so much so in fact that he reverted to his pre-Adderupp habit of rushing up to and banging on the television.
  • He couldn't organize himself at all for any activities with me--book reading, doing puzzles, etc.
  • His language did not improve. In fact it seemed less natural and more subdued, due to his disorganization.
  • He absolutely could not get to sleep.
Yesterday morning he went back on Adderupp, and we got our Leelo back. An even more attentive, talkative, organized, and social boy than before the interruption, truth be known.

  • His organization and calmness (relative) came back. He is listening to and following directions again.
  • His eye contact came back, in a BIG way.
  • His language was fanstastic, especially in session with Therapist L. He was calling her name spontaneously, loudly, and so very well.
  • He is able to watch videos. For a few minutes, anyhow.
  • He would sit in my lap while I read him books again
  • He slept. Boom, to bed, and thereby fulfilling one of my dearest wishes. (Now if only night owl Mali would follow suit.)
In conclusion, my doubts about medication were backslapped to a more remote part of my consciousness. The medications don't just make it easier for us to be around Leelo (my worry--that they were more a convenience for us than a requirement for Leelo), they make him better able to organize himself and therefore reduce anxiety and aggression. But occasional short breaks don't seem like a bad idea, either (except during the break).

I will need to discuss the idea of breaks with Dr. S, and we will still be switching meds this week due to our concerns about overall language suppression, but I at least am now convinced that medication helps Leelo, and not just a little bit.

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