Reminding Our Daughters What Real Girls Look Like

Reminding Our Daughters What Real Girls Look Like

Liz Ditz pointed me to the following video. It demonstrates the difference between a real life model and her made-up, photoshopped billboard self--in less than 60 seconds. Very compelling, and something our daughters should see:


Yours in raising smart, healthfully skeptical girls,

Squid Rosenberg

P.S. Now that I have had more than five minutes to think about it, please show this to your sons, too. Then they won't be like all the shmucks I know who look like James Gandolfini or Miguel Ferrer* but think they deserve girls who look like Thandie Newton or Grace Park or Cameron Diaz.

*Sorry, James and Miguel--no one doubts your acting chops, but you are not commercial-grade pinups.

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