Have You Been Outed?

Have You Been Outed?

Do you think that people you know may be reading your blog without telling you? I didn't used to, but now I wonder.

Three times now I have found out that someone I know has been reading this site without commenting the very minute they hit my URL. It weirds me out, a little. Not because there is anything wrong with anyone--except my parents, in-laws, or brothers--reading this publicly available website, but because I am embarrassed to think that people I know and respect would voluntarily expose themselves to the never-ending doldrums of my version of life at Casa Rosenberg. Especially since I am about three years past the initial blog rush of confessional posts or incendiary complaints--there is nothing here that would ever offend anyone, these days--so why bother? If you know me, then you also already know that my life is busy to the point of tedium.

The first raised eyebrow was cocked at Supervisor M, but her occasional visits are not so surprising as I once used a page from my site to illustrate a point during a team meeting. Then a couple of Sage's friends told me--over dinner, and simultaneously--that they too had stopped by. But JP, now, that was a big shock as she never mentioned reading my (and indeed all the Bad Moms') sites until a couple of days ago.

In each instance I was mildly and only momentarily perplexed rather than perturbed. But I have to admit that I would be ever so grateful if any lurking friends or acquaintances would out themselves. Thanks.

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