Pumpkin Leelo

Pumpkin Leelo

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Sometimes a blast of beautiful eye contact from our handsome boy is all I need to make me happy. Especially when it comes in the middle of our annual pumpkin patch pilgrimage.

Today Leelo started Fukalin. A very low dose, 5 mg extended. It is a sibling medication to Rutalin, but supposedly with fewer side effects and lower dosages. It hadn't really taken effect by the time I dropped him off at school so I am hoping that when I go to retrieve him I will find him leading his classmates in a parade or asking his teachers why the fuck everyone talks about him all the time right in front of him as though he's not there.

Maybe not. Regardless, it's been a good week.

His teacher reported that when his aide went on break yesterday, he looked around and said, "Where's Rosie?"

He's really starting to get the effectiveness of prefacing requests with peoples' names, i.e., "Mommy, I want pancakes" instead of "I want pancakes, Mommy."

He hasn't had a potty accident in almost two weeks. We put him in drawers to go to school, he comes home in drawers, he does his afternoon session with Therapist L in drawers, and at the end of their session (3:30) Therapist L puts him in a pullup and then he usually runs in the corner and downloads. But no accidents, not in a long time. We are still taking him to the potty at scheduled intervals because he's still not initiating anything, but he is staying dry dry dry, sometimes for as long as two-hour stretches.

Yesterday good language included, "Cut up your [my] pancakes," and "I want to put on pants!"

Speaking of those pants, he really is getting facile at whipping his pants on and off. Elastic-waist only, but that's nothing to sniff at. Pullups/underwear and socks are less easy, and shirts are still a bit confounding to put on, but he is at a new level of self-care that I definitely appreciate.

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