Broken Mirrors: A Great Autism Article

Broken Mirrors: A Great Autism Article

It has been a long time since I read an autism article that wasn't partially beamed in from outer space or a reworked compilation of the facts and figures that any autism parent already knows (Did you know that 1 of 166 kids is now diagnosed with autism? I don't know anyone who doesn't). So it is with satisfaction that I direct you to a Scientific American article on autism and mirror neurons. It summarized many promising new developments in tracing the causes of autism.

More than the information, I appreciate the article's tone, and its focus on finding out why autistic individuals are wired differently and helping them cope in an environment that they do not and--if these theories are true--physiologically can not, easily comprehend. It also mentions potential therapies such as giving them drugs like Ecstasy! Okay, I'm kidding. But only partially--read the article yourself and find out the extent to which I jest.

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