Baby's First Tantrum!

Baby's First Tantrum!

Mali is ready to get a jump on Two as quickly as she can. We are not necessarily looking forward to exchanging sweet toddlerdom for shrieking bansheeness, but realize that we got an excellent, front-loaded deal on this kid's temperament, and that it's time to start making payments. In sweat and tears, though hopefully not in blood.

The tantrum in question happened last night, during bed time story time. Mali wanted Seymour to read her Richard Scarry yet again, but as I was already reading to Leelo, Mali got told that she needed to wait her turn. Her usual reaction upon being denied is to plead, "Please please please?" but, as I mentioned, certain milestones are approaching and old approaches are being discarded. Upon hearing, "Not now, Mali," she immediately started wailing and flinging her arms from side to side like a hand-held prayer drum.

Now, if this had been Iz or even possibly Leelo, Seymour and I would have been crouching down to her level and trying to soothe her out of her frenzy. But since she is our third child, we all started laughing instead. It was great entertainment!

Seymour picked her up and placed her on her back so she wouldn't hurt herself and we went back to reading; she flailed for a bit but then got over it when she realized her antics weren't getting her any attention. Then she came back and joined our reading circle.

Surely that will be her last tantrum, right?

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