Oooh, Puppy!

Oooh, Puppy!

My mom wants a dog. She wants more companionship than my non-social, non-conversationalist dad can offer, she needs a way to get out and meet people, and she needs more exercise. All three needs point puppywards. She wants a dog. A specific dog. This dog:

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I suggested that everyone in my family (and a few friends, too) pool funds to get this puppy for my mom as an early Xmas gift. Most people understand that this is a gift of compassion as well as of puppitude. Except my brothers.

The brothers are all shitfitting themselves, because they're worried that if my mom has a dog she won't be able to travel as much (or help with their kids, says my inner bitchy little sister self). That might be true, but I doubt it. This is a smallish dog; it can either come with them or be boarded or stay with a friend. So I told them all to bite me and bought the dog anyhow. They don't know how to empathize with my mom, stuck by herself in a house all day yet craving company.

The kids and I (and Ep, and Babysitter A) have all gone to play with the puppy a few times. He's a Caval!er K!ng Charles span!el, and truly is the cutest fucking thing I've ever seen. Witness:

(Witness also me sounding like a babbling, fawning, eejit due to the puppy's Cuteness Ray.)

Mali keeps wandering around the house, asking for the puppy by name. My mom is going to come up here to get the little bit in early November. I think the puppy will really make her happy--companion animals seem to make a difference for retirees.

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