Different Drugs, Please

Different Drugs, Please

Hello Dr. Cheyenne,

I hope you are doing well. Leelo is six weeks into school and his schedule seems to be settling out, so we are willing to consider adjusting his medication if you think it is warranted.

Leelo is still on Adderupp, 5mg extended release; in general, we feel that Adderupp does decrease distractibility and does make it easier for Leelo to be in a classroom (in fact I went to lunch with him last week and a stranger complimented him for being so well-behaved in a restaurant), but overall it dampens language, increases whispering, makes Leelo spacey, and increases his social remoteness. He is also increasingly dependent upon "stim" or "fidget" objects. We have noticed less spontaneous language; at home and during therapy--there are occasional spontaneous, novel, wonderful phrases, but these are generally not repeated.

We have discussed the tradeoffs before and I'm not sure that the social and language minuses are entirely worth the plusses for good behavior. His program supervisor wanted us to ask what you thought about taking Adderuppl holidays on weekends. At any rate we would be interested in your thoughts on next, new steps.

Thanks, and best wishes for a lovely weekend,

Squid Rosenberg

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