The Sacred Heart of Bilbo Baggins

The Sacred Heart of Bilbo Baggins

I took Iz to Safeway so she could get her heart's desire, a Kyd Kwizine TV dinner-style meal. Also Tums for Seymour (he's concerned about osteoporosis) and lots and lots of pullups for Leelo.

We were passing a rack of devotional candles featuring Jesus and crew when it occurred to me that said characters do not play the same role in my kids' upbringing as in my own Catholic childhood. So I asked Iz if she knew the name of the gentleman below.

Originally uploaded by Squid Rosenberg.

"Um, I don't know..." said Iz, "He looks like somebody from The Hobbit."

Go Unitarian kid go! She can discuss basic comparative religions, but she is totally unfamiliar with any accompanying icons.

Not a one of you is ever allowed to ever tell my mother about this, ever ever ever. Her own sacred heart would implode.

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