Poetry for a Wonky Morning

Poetry for a Wonky Morning

I'm a bit wasted from Mali not napping during the day or sleeping at night and so having to stay up until 3 A.M. to get in the less-than-ideal Momfidence! review below and then waking at 6:30 to haul my kids plus Leelo's classmate and Signora Blog's son Moon to the Aquarium (bless our companion Therapist L) which was great fun as Moon and Iz got on well and probably explored every last gadget-based exhibit in the place even though they sometimes did so without consulting me about the direction in and distance at which such exhibits were located and Mali and Leelo were of course delighted just to be there and we ran into Badger (!) and then we drove home and I frantically tidied the house so it could actually be cleaned and then we all went to The Hole because there was no food in our house and then I went to an Iron Gate night meeting during which I nodded off continuously and then came home and you'd better believe I hit that mattress hard.

So here's some poetry from Iz instead of any musings from me:

Pansies are purple
Roses are peach
I'd love to dye your hair
But your hair's not bleached*

Also here is the most priceless photo from yesterday. After three hours at the Aquarium with the energetic little darlings, this was poetry for my soul: All four little bottoms strapped into their carseats for the ride home.

*Iz's only experience with hair dyeing is getting it bleached so it can then be dyed some sort of Crayola Brites color.

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