True Love, SciFi Fan Style

True Love, SciFi Fan Style

I can tell that Seymour and I are meant for each other because neither of us has yet tried to kill the other while he's been at home this past month. (The trick: We sat down and carefully worked out equal shares of child-herding and free time, and then put it on our shared Google calendar.)

An even purer expression of our devotion came last night when we watched the Battlestar Galactica season premiere. We had TiVo'd it on 10/6, but Seymour had left that morning on a three-day mountain biking trip and I couldn't fathom watching it without him. Then I was out until late last night feting birthday girl Ep while Seymour sat on the kids. Did Seymour watch BSG without me? No, he did not. He waited until I got home, because he loves me. And the premiere fucking rocked, just like my partner.

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